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Speed-up chia blockchain mainnet sync

Chia Blockchain Database can take up to more than a week to sync from scratch even with a high-speed fiber optic connection. To save farmers' time and make this database accessible to new users we have torrent files seeded in which we upload the database monthly so that it can be redistributed. Thus, downloading the torrent files and syncing the database will take a few hours instead of a week, and you can continue farming without waiting.

A new database will be seeded once every month in order to make torrent files available for seeding and reaching a sufficient amount of seeders.

Last database update: 2022/03/08 19:45 UTC - March 2022

Older versions

February 2022

January 2022

December 2021

November 2021

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Are you thankful for not having to wait a week to sync the full Chia blockchain? Just buy me a beer sending some chia to this address:

Super easy instructions

1. Download the official Chia wallet software and start syncronizing the database for a couple minutes. Close the app.

2. Download the Chia database gzipped file using the torrent magnet link. Uncompress the file and rename the sqlite file from blockchain_v1_mainnet_march_2022.sqlite to blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite. Now overwrite it in the Chia working directory (e.g. ~/.chia/mainnet/db or C:\Users\%username%\.chia\mainnet\db). Need a torrent client to download the file? Here's one.

3. Open the official Chia app and wait for the full blockchain synchronization. It will take a few hours (5-6h), saving you more than a week of waiting (~168 hours).


Why not wait a week to sync the full Chia blockchain?

As Chia operations grow, the full database will get larger, increasing the waiting time for new farmers for full synchronization. That is why it is interesting to use a faster, community method, which is friendly to the very philosophy of Chia (sharing via torrent), of Blockchain downloading and synchronization.

Who am I and what's the purpose of this site?

I am Marq Martí, a small Chia farmer. I have encountered the same problem as you, and I decided, after waiting a week to sync Chia's full database, make a monthly backup and share it via torrent, since I consider that it is more consistent with Chia's philosophy than simply upload it for download. In this way we can redistribute it to new farmers to increase the value of the project we share.